Biometric Planet!


    Life is a hands on event, If we do not take control of our narrative, someone else will. It seems that, too often our reality is being made up by high level executives in board rooms or at lunch meeting. I cant imagine that these savvy puppeteers will keep our best interests in mind for any great lenth of time. That is our responsibility! No sane, clear headed, alert human being would ever give up their own ability to respond like so many of us have.
   Comfort, while it is nice, in large doses, it will inhibit the brains sense for survival. It will completely reformulate the chemistry of your brain, it creates sheeple. This is why we must wake up faster, we must take the bull by the horn, together we can change the dynamic and help reign in a century of empowerment for the people! 

  So, onto why these thoughts have grace me with their presence. One word, “BIOMETRICS”. Biometric technologies seems to be sweeping the globe at an unprecedented rate. Biometrics applications are being considered and implimented all over the world since about 1999. 
   What is biometrics? Your biometric signature is your fingerprints, dna, retinal data, ect. 

  The private sector has been playing with these technologies and working them into our phones and things for quite some time actually, but that isnt what i am concerned about. It seems that several governments have recently committed to making biometrics a mandatory way of living. 

  It seems nice! It seems convenient! It actually is super convenient. This is the reasons that is will be so easy to sell to the public. No more cards, no more cash, no more hassle, right? 

  Everything that can be used for good can also be used to do evil and everything can be manipulated. The overall goal of this system is to have every living humans actions compiled in a database. 

  Right now, we are seeing different aspects of biometrics being tested in different countries.

  India is currently going through a huge bank run which was created to implement a biometrics based economy. IMAGINE ALL BIO-METRIC MONEY IN AMERICA.. no starving artist, no sidework, no unclaimed tips (waitresses), no pot growers… you wouldn’t even be able to make it rain anymore… unless you made it rain bitcoins and all of them got taxed by the cabal. 

 Since 1999, countries such as Australia , Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, greece, china, gambia, germany, india, iraq, isreal, italy, malaysia, Netherlands, new Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.  It is basically UNSTOPPABLE. 

  Knowing that biometrics is coming, we need to control this. We need a Bill Of Rights to accommodate this shift. We need it fast. 

 The plan is to connect everything! Bank, passport, medical records, history.. this will also be combined with all your social media and meta data. The people who are in charge of this will literally have the power to shut you off.. sound like a conspiracy theory? Ok, just consider this… these are the same people who funded hitler, the russian revolution, who destroy the middle east, they manipulate you in the news, they convince you that sadam had nukes, they fabricated the great depression, they commandeered our treasury and created the FED. They feel entitled to make a percentage off every human life. These are the people that you are so eager to give that power to. 

 We must! Make sure! These biometrics are used properly.



A few questions for you, please discuss!

Is it safe to have a too big to fail system like that soo dependant on the Internet and electricity? 

 If your password is your finger, does that pit you in direct danger?

Do you think biometrics is a good idea?

What clear benefits do you see and what threats do you see?

Should this have limits? How far is too far?

2-9-17 Update: this is a look at a patent that google has for a wrist worn monitoring device.

  Technology has become a critical part of all aspects in our daily lives. We witness new technological innovations coming to fruition on literally a daily basis. Everything just changed. In my opinion, our society has no choice, but go through a massive restructuring. The dynamics of our whole ethos are about to be different.  The changes that we allow to become part of our reality will piggyback on the human race for at least the coming century. They will determine what life is, period. So this is a pinnacle moment, we have the power to decide what the next 100 years will look like on earth, what exactly our goals as a species will be, and how we can improve on the mistakes we have made in the last 1000 years. Determining what we believe to be acceptable and weeding out the ideas that just dont seem beneficial to humanity, this is our responsibility, and will illustrate a whole new picture of the world around us.

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