PRISON RECRUITING!?  Raps ugly trap game.  

 I would like to acknowledge one of the many sick parlor tricks that is being played on the people of todays society. The capacity to be surprised tapers off more and more,  as the heavy realizations pile in on the hemispheres of my brain. 

 As of the 1980’s America’s prison systems have been expanding exponentially. The sheer number of prisoner’s  has went from 200,000 to 2.2 million! This is now 25% of all people incarcerated on the whole planet!, we are only 5% of the planets population, and supposedly civilized. It took off about the same time as the boom in the rap industry. This is directly related to the record companies now having a big hand in private prisons. These privatized prisons serve as the perfect place to justify slave wage labor. These prisons need a guaranteed number of criminals to function properly and are popping up like we buy gold stores all over the U.S.A.

 I DO think a percentage of this happened naturally and rap music was always going to portray a certain amount of violence without the influence of the Illuminati, but they make sure that noobody pushed consciousness and awareness, They only allow certain subjects to be addressed, and everything leads to greed, violence, and envy. This not only encourages unlawful behavior, it also assures that any money that is made, is spent, fast!  They own soo much, changes like this in consumerism just help assert that their river of money develops some heavy rapids. 

 I believe that when the elite saw the effect that rap had on urban communities, they knew they needed to control it. The elite, in my eyes, always need the first seat in any mechanism that demonstrates an effective control over the mind. The urban community was one that they had a tough time connecting with. The elite saw this as a mouth watering opportunity. 

  When implimented in the right ways, you can brainwash a whole culture and that is what they have done. The record companies have refused artist that wont carry the money/ gun/ drug narrative.. any youthful rapper who is willing to take the money and shut up about it is signed. You will never find guys like aesop rock and watsky on the radio.

 Many rappers have come out publicly about the agenda of the music industry.

 IT KEEPS US FROM USING OUR AMAZINGLY POWERFUL BRAINS TO COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT THE ELITE. It isn’t just rap though, the whole 2 party system is designed to keep the population from ever being in FULL agreement. This makes it impossible for us to come together against the elite bankers/nwo/illuminati.. the real kicker is, while we fight about EVERYTHING, they just laugh because they have the same playbook in hand regardless. 

 It is extremely important to understand the #artofwar in order to identify it in action. The elite are not perfect and are not always successful at all their attempts to take control. The elite are opportunist, they are always ready when the situation offers an open door. They never pass up an opportunity to get more control.  Two things are constants in the #Illuminati, their persistence and loyalty to the cause. It is very important to know that they run just like a dictatorship, this is what keeps everyone silent, shunned, dead, in jail, or made out to be coocoo. Its the HUNDREDS of years of persistence and loyalty that has got them such a tight grasp on the world today.  Here is a link to one wikileaks email that gives you an idea of how opportunistic they are. I am also going to write a whole separate thought on the wiki email linked soon. Ill probably start sourcing more facts in the future too. We can grow together! 



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