I am 1,000 people.

Im traveling about, im running, I fall, I cant even think at all, im unraveling,
Emotional boulders tumble n roll.

Grow, Feel whole, just be now,
roots are buried  deep in you, n you in me..
Entwined, set free,
boutta Blossom, butterfly, we out this tree.

Majestically were morphing
In this new dynamic,  
Its Trans-galactic
When our feelings leave this planet,
Like signals through oceans Space ..Infinitly coastin, double coatin,
paint brush Soakin
Strokin. Life fire stokin’.

Even emotions of hate,
Try an abate, it becomes clear,
Cause as much as it sucks it is fate, Even fear, Experience is what makes us great, its why we’re here!

The good, bad, ugly, and the cheer.

 The curious minds, you will find it
In every tiny atom ..of the very biggest stars And even in the very biggest atoms in the tiniest  of little stars….

Cant run from feelings,

You’ll  never get far!

lm trynnna  re-explanet
another simple way of sayin it..
i think that IM in youuu n u r  n me.. we come from same zoo, i kno that ur my besty. Get up on my frequency, frequently,

Inexplicable , maybe..
But This universe is a playground,

 My souls a baby

In the universe’s  university, 

evolving for a measure 

Dissolve.. come back together,
Ascend or stay forever.
melting pots, a flyin’ feather, just blowing in the weather.

So take it all in.

feel things, reeel thing, mess up the deal things, really cant seem to stop steel things, envy, hypothermia.. freeze. . nothing can stop this disease. famine, no time for trump slammin. war.wtf. test crammin. its a bore. This fancy restaurant, your dirt floor, how can i stop this, it hurts to my core. Now let your heart break, let it pour, love your neighbor, scream that, let it ROAR. do right. you can never do it all in one night. .tryin hobbies..
Home made things, wings and now im flyin.. gnarly things.. no brakes, cant stop, im trying..
halfpipe dreams.. emotions lying,
false confidence supplyin’
Cant retire, now im cryin’.
wanna travel tha world and see Mayan.

Good. Green. burn. potato brain french fryin.
My Best friends floor.. laugh until we start cryin’
Munchies, Feed me more, my thoughts r slowly dryin,
Brains Dyin’, until the next life. Byein. Im Out.

You dont be sad tho, just be glad, that we had, the very thing that this universe was made to be had. Love. 


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