Where the fuck is my money!?

Our country is littered with people pissed off over money.  It seems to me that everyone is fighting at the bottom. I once read that ancient hunter gatherers only used a fraction of the calories that we do to survive on any given day.  Summing it up, we have way less free time than we did. We continuously work and often come up short. Is this considered improvement in your book? We must be evolving and getting smarter, right? I think so. So what is it, what is holding us back, why do the the tires just spin us deeper into the mud every time we make advancements?

  The answer stares us in the face every single day. We are too distracted by the daily grind to even realize how simple it is. As all americans are at eachothers throats over what medical insurance bill will work out better or “how will we pay for that wall”…

I say to you, WE HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT 1,650 MEXICAN BORDER WALLS!. We could easily have free heath care for everyone. We have allowed certain people in our government to systematically rob us of a modest 35 trillion dollars! (Most people cant comprehend 12 zeros.. here 35,000,000,000,000) so that’s just $320,000 buckaroos for every single american man, woman, and child… no big deal right. Because if it was, we would have protested it.

  This is only in the past 15 years. The pentagon budget has just outright lost 6.5 trillion dollars. The pentagon is also suspect for providing funding to the same organizations under suspension for helping orchestrate a world wide child trafficing operation.. undoubtedly connected to the high level pizzagate mischief, ill save that for another day.  The federal reserve is responsible for robbing us in other ways too.. the fed provided 16 trllion tax dollars in to bail out the very richest people in the world for a sort of “corporate welfare”. Also another 10 trillion to foriegn banks that they will not disclose.

  We are the biggest provider in foreign aid, this aid is dispursed most ludicrously, giving counties that we destroyed(Afghanistan) very little in comparison to countries that we comandeered like Isreal. Isreal is a world power. I do not care how good you think america is or how special we are. We are 18 trillion dollars in debt. We have no money.. when we give a country with zero debt, 5 billion dollars lets say, they now have 18 trillion and 5 billion more dollars than us. We have no money to loan, this is a trap.
 Also, check out this amazing pdf from 2010 in the library of congress . Some of the many other ways our economy is being squezzed to the last drop. The plan is to back us soo far into a corner that when the FED says we are done, we have no choice, we are done. Our economy today seems to be doing great, but they will keep us on cloud 9 until the very last breath of America.

  I wish that we could all just unite for the greater cause. This debt enslavement of our country is only the very beginning if we do not act now. The people who established the Federal Reserve, world banks, IMF, UN, ISIS, USAID, Black Budget military and many other Ultra opressive organizations are soon to ask for your support in their New World Government.These are the manufacturers of events as vietnam, wwi, wwii, 9/11, the great depression..ect. 

If they could just have slaves, straight up,  they would, as they have before. Now is the time to have a voice.


P.s. i am just getting use to wordpress, sorry about the spacing issues.. i had pasted from my notes and everything went wierd after that. Big.ups!

I linked a ton of information this time!

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