Are we all the same?🎭 Polarized, mentalized soul.

 The answer to that question is quite clear, in fact it sounds kind of stupid. Nobody is a the same… we can see that, but what I’m referring to is a little bit different. It seems that this question is layered.

 Physical appearance is Blatant we can look around at each other and see no one is the same. We have short people, we have tall people, fat people, skinny people, round people around people, fast people, slow people, the athletic type, the Beautiful, the funny looking, we have all types of people on this planet. So many different cultures it’s hard to name them all. So this, this isn’t what I’m talking about.

 What I’m talking about is more our brains, are spirits, and how they collide. It seems that everybody likes to look past this, It’s easy to overlook, even when you see it in your daily life. Unless we are noticeably mentally handicapped we are all treated as this our brains came out of molds. I’m not sure that this is the proper way to look at people. I am almost certain that the brain varies in all aspects, our souls are different as well, our uniqueness does not end at physical appearance.

 Some examples of the different traits that I think we don’t have very much control over as humans are: addiction, things like depression, things like intelligence, our compacity to deal with Society as a whole, our level of motivation, these are places where we are put into a box as humans. This is where everyone is expected to be able to perform on the same level. This is something that I think causes a lot of problems in our society, for weaker minded people in their lives trying to get by in this world that they were born in.

 Our world is polarize you can’t get by it. it’s just a law of the universe, love and hate, light and dark, greed and generosity, old and new, water and fire. There are different degrees polarization in all directions of life and our minds and souls do not escape this. One sure thing, people except happily when their child is born with more extraordinary mental abilities, like “naturally” good artists, speakers, singers, mathematicians, these mental handicaps are gladly excepted and clearly exist. So, we clearly vary in capacity, emotional, mental, and physical. Its time we pay extra attention to this issue I think that we could improve the lives of many people that the construct of this current dynamic is not benefiting. Its time we have true equality in all ways. ( I will address more equal rights issues over time, my heart goes out to so many!)

 With the same aspect in mind we could be helping people achieve their goals in a far more optimal way. If we could recognize the things that they were meant to do if they were able to specialize in the things they felt passionate about. It is an important emotion to recognize, when the mind crave’s something positive, so you feed it.

 I speak from my heart, as I am eight years clean now from an awful addiction. I know that I cannot attribute the help I got with getting off of drugs to just myself and my brain, I was helped by an energy that came from outside somewhere. I can’t quite explain to you exactly what it was or why it helped me, but that is my point.. We don’t understand mentality or spirit. By acknowledging this, we may make ourselves more appreciative of our own abilities and aware of the struggles that ail many. 

In conclusion, Be Nicer.


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