Earth people.🌍

 This is my plead to you guys, yes I am begging, just hear me out until the end. We are all falling victim right now to some very terrible Forces. This is The Art of War playing out at its finest. We need each other more than ever, Unity is the only weapon that will work against the elite. It is more important than ever that we recognize the parlor tricks that have dominated us. They have spent immeasurable resources making sure we stay divided. This message is far beyond national boundaries, as most of the civil unrest in the world is being enacted by the same people, following the same templates.

“To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemies resistance without fighting.”

“The control of a large a force is the same Principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.”

Sun Tzu The Art of War

  As we all fight over what is right, who is right to lead our country, What policies you agree with and don’t, or whose fault it is whether it was the Democrats or the Republicans, whether this person’s race,  or religious points cause it, these are all factions used by the elite to divide us up into pieces. This is The Art of War!

 What we need is to be very aware of this fact, that our president of the United States is carrying out the very same plan that Obama was carrying out and it’s the same plan that Hillary Clinton would have carried out had she become president of the United States. There is no other plan in the Playbook that they passed from hand to hand.   This is the first and most important fact, it is the most important realization that can lead us on a road to Victory to regain our country from the Rogue Elite forces that have formed the shadow government. These are the same forces that lose or spend trillions of our dollars on purpose, to make our country go broke, to make sure we don’t get free Education, to make sure that we do not have health care universally, to make sure that if we ever tried to employ our Army against them that we could never even afford to. They have made sure that by the time we figured out that they are in charge, we will need them more than ever. They have made sure that our government is so far in debt that we can’t get out. They have made sure that our infrastructure was made so weak and never updated, so that by this time, it would be crumbling. They’ve made sure that our schools will only teach you to be no more than just good workers and shallow thinkers. They have mislead Us in religion, they’ve missed let us in the media, they’ve miss led us about everything.

 As I said, now is the most important time for us to unite. We need to stop drawing lines at red and blue, black and white, even country to country before we end up in a civil war like so many countries are. A war that is currently being fabricated by the elite to destroy us. Now is the time to recognize that the people in charge of our country go far beyond Donald Trump, they go far beyond our eyes can see, they hide in the shadows, slithering creatons that create our circumstances for daily life, and we blissfully allow them to.  Now we need to say no more. 

 My best suggestion would be to have them arrested but it is a pretty dangerous situation as they are in charge of the military bases that not even our president is allowed to visit. They have stolen all the best and most important technology and kept it from themselves. Who knows what is in Pandora’s Box, it is an alarming situation, but nothing will be solved if we do that look past our differences. Look past the politics, look past the race, look past the gender, look at each other and say that we’re United and they were not going to have this anymore. I hope that you will stand with me I hope you can do this because it is Important. I have love for everyone.  Share this if you would like us to unite as well, I appreciate positive perpetuation.


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