♲⚛Infinty +1☿☤

  ​Imagine living so many different lives.. as many times as it takes us to realize why? In this physical oasis, a materialistic spiritual playground, the soul grows exponentially in each situation and in each life. Eventually, you become an “old soul”.. then comes actual “death” or “Ascension” you go to “heavan” .. #perspective… 

 It could take eons to fully evolve the spirit, to trancend the 3 dimenional boundries and graduate this phase of being matter.. i hope silently, in pity for anybody who thinks that they can make a great escape from this process.  This life maybe wayy better than the one to come, you never really know what the ALL has got up for you next.  Thats why you treat everyone like you would like to be treated..treat them as if it is you, because it very well could be you at one point or another.

 If we do have to die a lot .  Id really hate to have to die the same way every time.. id imagine its more likely that i die at least one time each possible way.. ..But that’d be kinda aweful too now that i think of it. 

  I remember a plane crash once in my dreams.. we were clearly going down, the girl next to me got really scared, so i put my arms around her. I remember it actually produced a feeling of happiness and relief inside of me to see how much she appreciated me holding her hand and telling her it would be ok, it all felt so real. I immediately surrendered to the love, in that moment my mind was at ease. It only takes a drop of love to wash off any amount of hate or misfortune.

  I bet i die once selfishly and a different time courageously. If i had a million dollars id probably kill myself. The best way to die would be in the Laughter of an old friends jokes, playin rummi with no teeth in, high af. Power to the people!🙂✊🖖👽 D.l.m.

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